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Our team of highly skilled physios would love to see you pain free and strong enough to enjoy life to its fullest. We do this work, because we care about making others' lives just that little bit easier. So, don't sit there wondering if we are the right people to help you, come on in and let us get you on the road to recovery with the right movement solution for your needs.

Our aim is to provide the latest treatment techniques and give the best advice which will encourage rapid return to function, whether you are a professional athlete, an injured worker or an overworked mum. We provide physiotherapy, massage and exercise prescription services at a cost you can afford.  We also enjoy assisting children to develop their gross motor skills allowing them to participate in physical activities and sport to the greatest of their potential.


Your expectations are our expectations.
So, you can expect us to;

  • Provide an accurate diagnosis.
  • Provide evidence based treatment to ease your pain, and restore function.
  • Set a realistic management plan, including exercise therapy.
  • Work with you on strategies to reduce further injury or pain.


We continue to be at the forefront of quality physiotherapy information and treatment to the people of the Brisbane, Logan and Redlands.  Our staff are continuously reviewing the latest advances in injury and pain management

Our physiotherapists take a very "hands on" approach to injury management. We utilise a variety of manual therapy techniques, and encourage exercise where appropriate.

Our goal is to see you pain free and functioning normally in the shortest time possible.

You can be guaranteed not to be left just by yourself on a machine.

Call and book in to get started or contact us for quality no obligation advice.


Physiodynamics provides four key services

  1. General Physiotherapy
  2. Sports Injury Management
  3. Industrial Rehabilitation
  4. Exercise programming for lifestyle diseases (obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis)




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